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Techelm Technologies is a car parking solutions provider, our team of project and service engineers providing support to leading car park operators and businesses. We ensure your car parking facilities are well taken care and are regularly maintain so that the car park equipment are always at their best performance.

Formerly known as Techelm Asia, we started out in 2005 providing car parking support and service solutions. Thanks to our clients’ who trusted us and supported us in our services, we are proud to have given the opportunity to work with the esteem companies like Siemens, Chubb, Secure Parking, Top Parking, Metro Parking, Wei Long Electronics, STEE and etc, in successfully implementing numerous turnkey car park projects.

We have built up many years of experience in installation and maintenance of car parking systems for commercial buildings, corporate office buildings, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, airports, bus interchanges, hotels, HDB residences, condominiums and etc. With all our highly trained staff, we are confident that we are able to make good recommendations and proposals for our customers.